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WISE Education & Outreach
WISE Teachers holding small balls rotate around a light source to show the night and day effect on Earth.

320 teachers/year →
46,000 students/year

WISE E/PO staff conducts short and long-term workshops at a variety of venues throughout the year on WISE science topics. Educators experience NASA-developed hands-on, inquiry-based lessons about infrared light. We also discuss how astronomers use infrared to learn about a variety of phenomena throughout the Cosmos. We do activities from NASA-funded curriculum guides created by the likes of the SOFIA mission, the Lawrence Hall of Science GEMS program, and WISE. These hands-on and demonstration activities are designed to complement instruction on topics such as the electromagnetic spectrum for middle and high school students. The goal is that educators will gain enough hands-on familiarity with the lessons and content to feel comfortable using them in their own classrooms effectively. We seek to enhance the teacher’s content knowledge as well as model pedagogical methods for improvement of their science teaching in the classroom. Participants regularly receive copies of the activities presented as well as other NASA educational materials: CD-ROMs, fliers, bookmarks, lithographs, etc.

Visit http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/workshops/schedule.html to see a schedule of our upcoming workshops.


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