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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is responsible for project management, system engineering, mission operations, and mission assurance.

William Irace William Irace - Project Manager
Bill Irace earned an M.S. in aeronautical engineering at Purdue University, then worked on the design of various military aircraft projects at North American Rockwell. After he joined JPL, Bill's projects have included the Viking Mars orbiters and the InfraRed Astronomical Satellite (IRAS), the first infrared survey telescope. He also had a key role in the design and construction of the ground based W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Before becoming Project Manager of WISE, Bill was Deputy Project Manager of the Spitzer Space Telescope (formerly SIRTF, the Space Infrared Telescope Facility). In his spare time, Bill enjoys golf, flying his home-built RV-6A aircraft, and exploring the barely accessible areas of the Grand Canyon in his four wheel drive truck.

Beth Fabinsky Beth Fabinsky - WISE Engineering Operations Team Chief
Beth Fabinsky has an MS in Physics and a calico cat. She is shopping for a comfy fold-out sleeper chair for her office because that's how spacecraft operations are. She is from New York City, but is probably now too friendly and slow to return. When she is not coordinating the operations team, scheduling onboard activities, developing and reviewing commands or analyzing the health of the spacecraft, she is probably hunting for trilobites, reading classic novels, or, most likely of all, sleeping in her chair.

Fengchuan Liu Fengchuan Liu - Flight System Manager
Fengchuan Liu received his BS degree in physics from Nankai Univ. in Tianjing, China, his MS and PhD in low temperature physics from the University of Washington, Seattle. After conducting NASA sponsored microgravity research at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he joined the Jet Propulsion Lab in 1995 to work on research and flight experiments on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. He was the Project Scientist on the DYNAMX Instrument, the CO-PI of the BEST Instrument, the Project Scientist and later the Deputy Project Manager on the LTMPF Project. Since 2004, he has been the WISE Project Flight System Manager.

Amy Mainzer Amy Mainzer - WISE Deputy Project Scientist
Dr. Mainzer is a Research Scientist at JPL. After obtaining her B.S. in physics at Stanford, she took a year off after graduation to work at Lockheed Martin, where she worked on the Spitzer Space Telescope. She was the Principal Investigator of a cryogenic camera called the Pointing Calibration and Reference Sensor (PCRS), which serves as the fine guidance sensor for Spitzer. She worked on Spitzer during graduate school in astronomy at Caltech. After receiving her M.S. at Caltech, she finished her Ph.D. at UCLA with Dr. Ian McLean. For her thesis, she built the First Light Camera for SOFIA (FLITECAM) and observed brown dwarfs with it. She received her Ph.D. in 2003 just before Spitzer’s launch. The PCRS was the first camera to see light on Spitzer and has been operating since 2003. She joined the WISE team and JPL in 2003. As the WISE Deputy Project Scientist, she works to ensure that WISE will meet its science requirements. She is also the principal investigator of a project to enhance WISE’s ability to find new asteroids. Dr. Mainzer is looking forward to learning more about the universe with WISE, and in particular some of her favorite topics: brown dwarfs, asteroids, young stars and planets, and debris disks.

Peter EisenhardtPeter Eisenhardt – Project Scientist

Ingolf Heinrichsen Ingolf Heinrichsen – Project System Engineer

Valerie DuvalValerie Duval – Payload Manager
Valerie Duval obtained her BS in Physics from New Mexico State University in 1981 and immediately joined JPL Caltech, Pasadena. She has worked on the development of imaging spectrometers and cameras. From 1990 to 1996, she was Calibration Engineer on the EOS Terra MISR instrument. She is currently Manager of the Space Experiments Systems and Technology Section.

George Greanias George Greanias – Mission Assurance Manager

George Greanias Teresa Alfery – Subcontracts Manager

Don RoyerDon Royer – Mission Operations Manager
Don has been at JPL since graduating from UCLA. He has been building or managing ground systems since Surveyor and the early Mariner projects. He has been working on Earth Science missions for the last 15 years, building up the Earth Science Mission Center that WISE will use for its mission operations. He likes landscape photography and skiing but probably won't be doing much of either for awhile as we move closer to launch.

Michael ResslerMichael Ressler

Jennifer Craft Jennifer Craft – WISE Project Office Administrative Assistant

Mohamed AbidMohamed Abid – WISE Flight System Engineer
Dr. Mohamed Abid is currently the WISE Flight System System Engineer at JPL/NASA, a lecturer in the Astronautics department at the University of Southern California, and the author of the textbook "Spacecraft Sensors". Prior to his assignment on the WISE project, he was the project System Engineer for the Ocean Surface Topography mission (OSTM) that was successfully launched in June, 2008. During his doctorate studies, he was Co-Principal Investigator on the FIVE Project as part of space flight experiment, and an Associate Investigator on the SOFBALL Experiment which flew on Space Shuttle missions Columbia STS-83 (launched in April 1997), Columbia STS-94 (launched in May 1997) and Colombia STS-107 (launched in January 2003). Dr. Abid has done research and performed experiments in the fields of combustion, fluid dynamics, chemistry, semi-conductors, spacecraft, micro-gravity, physics of particles, diagnostics and petroleum for many internationally renowned organizations such as NEDO, JAMIC, CEA, IFP, CNRS, CERN and LPNHE. While anxiously awaiting the first WISE images. he fills his time by building Lego robots with his kids, growing tomatoes, and surfing the waves.

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